Details on the new National Football Registry

Posted by Mark Ouellet on Jan 04 2016 at 06:35AM PST in 2014

As many of you have heard, Football Canada (FC) has implemented a new, National Football Registry for 2016. Through the Ontario Football Alliance (OFA), our provincial governing body, FC has mandated that all participants in the sport of football must first be on the Registry before they can register for any club or team. This is a significant change to the structure of football in Canada, and there is a cost to participants.

Previously, a portion of every player’s fee was forwarded to the OFA to cover insurance. Under the new system, in addition to the OFA fees raising, FC will be collecting $11 per participant who registers with the National Registry. This applies to all players, coaches and field staff.

To register for any program in Canada, participants will first need to provide their National Registry ID#. Forms cannot be completed without the ID#.
It is unclear how clubs across the country plan to manage this new program and therefore the Cumberland Panthers have yet to decide on how we will implement it ourselves. OFA/FC expectations are that participants will join the National Registry themselves, prior to registering for a team or club, paying the fee as they do so. Most organizations do not think this is a reasonable approach and are examining ways to make the process easier.

What we do know is that OVFL registration will open before the National Registry is open, which creates for an awkward transition period. Rest assured when we know exactly how we will be changing our OVFL and NCAFA registration procedures to get in line with these mandatory changes, we will let everyone know immediately.

Link to the OFA’s FAQ


Mark Ouellet
Cumberland Panthers Football Club


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