OPFL Varsity Territory & Registration Information

Posted by Cumberland Panthers Football Club on Dec 29 2016 at 07:10AM PST in 2014

As we enter a new Varsity league this summer, the OPFL has installed a set of rules in Ottawa to ensure an even playing field and lessen the impact of the expansion Sooners on the existing Panthers.

There are territories for the 2017 season. If you played for the Cumberland Panthers in 2016 at Bantam, JV or Senior, you are protected by the Panthers.

The Ottawa Sooners and Cumberland Panthers have split the City into an Ottawa East and Ottawa West. This will be formed based on the existing territories existing in NCAFA. This means if you live in one of the following NCAFA territories, you must try out for the Panthers (Cumberland Panthers, Orleans Bengals, North Gloucester Giants, South Gloucester Raiders, South Ottawa Mustangs, East Ottawa Generals).

The following region must try out for the Ottawa Sooners (Bel Air Lions, Myers Riders, Nepean Eagles, Ottawa Norsemen, Bell Warriors, Kanata Knights, West Carleton Wolverines). Gatineau and all rural areas remain open.

The team will not register players from the other region with the exception of:
-Allowance of 10 crossover players from Varsity & Jr Varsity and 6 players from Bantam.
-Any player Cut from either team will be deemed available.
-Any player released from a Club will be deemed available and not count against allocation.

This agreement is only for inaugural season 2017. After that normal Regional policies take over.

Players that were on Cumberland 2016 Roster are protected for 2017 only. This clause supersedes all other clauses.

Any questions can be directed to your specific levels Head Coach or Varsity Governor, Dennis Vowles at


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