News and Announcements

The Cumberland Panthers Senior Varsity Program is excited to announce a new practice and
game location for the 2018 Ontario Provincial Football League season. The team will
be practicing at multiple University of Ottawa locations and will be playing games at Gee-Gees
Field, located on Lees Avenue, Saturday evenings throughout the late spring and early summer.

Gee-Gees receivers coach and Football Canada Technical Director Aaron Geisler leads the
program as the Senior Varsity Head Coach and has drawn together a strong coaching staff made
up of Gee-Gee assistant coaches, senior players, recent graduates and Ottawa community

The Gee-Gees and the Cumberland Panthers have a rich history together with many former
Gee-Gee players coming from the Cumberland Panthers Varsity program. Notable Panthers
who experienced success at uOttawa include: Jackson Bennett (2017 OUA Defensive Player of
the Year and All Canadian), Mitchell Baines (2016 All Canadian, Hamilton Tiger-Cats),  Taylor
Servais – (OUA All Star Oline, drafted by Edmonton Eskimos – OL Coach of JV Provincial Champs),
Cyril Adjeitey (5 time OUA All Star) and Brendan Gillanders (2009-13, 2016 Grey Cup Champion
- Ottawa Redblacks).

Registration is underway now at

There’s been much confusion on the OPFL Ottawa Territories for 2018. Below is the official statement from the league and should serve to make things far more clear.

1. A player who lives in a 2018 "OPE territory and who played for either Ottawa club in 2017 is allowed to leave that Club and join the other club, provided they are moving up a division (ie: bantam to JV or JV to Varsity). This is standard for all OPFL teams.
1. A player who lives in either Cumberland or Sooners territory, as outlined in the 2018 AGM approved territories, and who played for the opposite club in 2017 is NOT required to revert to
the Club in which territory they reside for 2018. A registered player from 2017 is protected to that Club until he graduates the age division. At that point the player will have the option to
register with the other Club assigned to his/her area.

2018 Provisions for Ottawa Region as Approved at AGM by the Membership:

The Ottawa Region will be divided into East and West based on the NCAFA Territories outlined below.
1. Cumberland Panthers are designated the Ottawa East team. Ottawa Sooners are designated the Ottawa West teams
2. Territories will use the well-established NCAFA territory system, a system that has proven to be solid for both NCAFA and previously in the OVFL.
1. Players who reside in the following NCAFA territories must play for their Ottawa West team; Kanata, Myers, Bell, West Carleton, Rideau
2. Players who reside in the following NCAFA territories must play for their Ottawa East team; Cumberland, Orleans, North Gloucester, South Gloucester, South Ottawa
3. Players who reside in the following NCAFA territories may play for any team they choose (Cornwall, Gatineau, East Ottawa, Bel-Air)
2. Practice locations will be regulated for teams.

1. At bantam and junior, the Ottawa East club must conduct all practices in Orleans.
2. At bantam and junior, the Ottawa West club must conduct all practices in Kanata orStittsville.
3. Senior teams have no practice location limitations.

2. There will no longer be an allotment of players each team can have from the opposite territory.
3. Any player cut from one team may immediately join the team in the opposite territory.
4. The child of anyone with a proven coaching background will be permitted to play for the organization their parent is coaching with. If a release is required for this, it will be granted.

The Panthers held our Annual General Meeting last night. I’d like to thank everyone who attended. We had a great turn out and the discussions were very good.

The Panthers have always had a strong volunteer base, but following last night’s meeting, we have the largest Executive group the Panthers have ever seen. This is a testament to people who call themselves part of the Panthers’ family; so many volunteers are looking to pitch in.

I’d like to congratulate each of the new members of the Panthers’ Executive Board and thank everyone for offering their valuable time to our players. Below is your 2018 Cumberland Panthers Executive Board:

  • Mark Ouellet – President
  • Mike Rouleau – VP, Football Operations
  • Sarah Baptiste – VP, Administration
  • Jodie Marion – Treasurer
  • Sarah Schmidt – Secretary
  • Heather de Repentigny – Past President
  • Larry Ring, with Dave Fletcher – Director, OPFL Programs
  • Eric Parent – Director, NCAFA Programs
  • VACANT – Director, Non-Contact Programs
  • Steve Pranschke, with Jacques Coulombe – Equipment Managers
  • Melanie Tasoulis, with Nicole O’Neil – Registrars
  • Tracey Fitzpatrick – Director, Special Events
  • Mike De Melo – Head Trainer
  • Andy Worth – Director, Sponsorship & Fundraising
  • VACANT – Director, Game Day Operations
  • Pete Schmidt – Club Head Coach

Mark Ouellet
Cumberland Panthers Football Club

The following Constitutional changes have been brought forward as MOTIONS for the Cumberland Panthers’ 2017 Annual General Meeting.

1) Move to amend section 4.4 in regards to the following positions and titles:

1. OPFL Director (name change)
2. NCAFA Director (add new position)

2) Add the clause 4.5

The executive committee have the authority to restrict or deny the appointment of any individual to any position up to and including the head coaches of the Cumberland Panthers’ programs. A written reason for this decision will be provided if requested.


Cumberland Panthers are the 2017 OPFL JV CHAMPIONS!