News and Announcements

The Panthers held our Annual General Meeting last night. I’d like to thank everyone who attended. We had a great turn out and the discussions were very good.

The Panthers have always had a strong volunteer base, but following last night’s meeting, we have the largest Executive group the Panthers have ever seen. This is a testament to people who call themselves part of the Panthers’ family; so many volunteers are looking to pitch in.

I’d like to congratulate each of the new members of the Panthers’ Executive Board and thank everyone for offering their valuable time to our players. Below is your 2018 Cumberland Panthers Executive Board:

  • Mark Ouellet – President
  • Mike Rouleau – VP, Football Operations
  • Sarah Baptiste – VP, Administration
  • Jodie Marion – Treasurer
  • Sarah Schmidt – Secretary
  • Heather de Repentigny – Past President
  • Larry Ring, with Dave Fletcher – Director, OPFL Programs
  • Eric Parent – Director, NCAFA Programs
  • VACANT – Director, Non-Contact Programs
  • Steve Pranschke, with Jacques Coulombe – Equipment Managers
  • Melanie Tasoulis, with Nicole O’Neil – Registrars
  • Tracey Fitzpatrick – Director, Special Events
  • Mike De Melo – Head Trainer
  • Andy Worth – Director, Sponsorship & Fundraising
  • VACANT – Director, Game Day Operations
  • Pete Schmidt – Club Head Coach

Mark Ouellet
Cumberland Panthers Football Club

The following Constitutional changes have been brought forward as MOTIONS for the Cumberland Panthers’ 2017 Annual General Meeting.

1) Move to amend section 4.4 in regards to the following positions and titles:

1. OPFL Director (name change)
2. NCAFA Director (add new position)

2) Add the clause 4.5

The executive committee have the authority to restrict or deny the appointment of any individual to any position up to and including the head coaches of the Cumberland Panthers’ programs. A written reason for this decision will be provided if requested.


Cumberland Panthers are the 2017 OPFL JV CHAMPIONS!


Have you heard? The Panthers JV team is playing for the first ever JV Championship!

For this special event, you can watch the Livestream anywhere in the world at real time, starting at 4:00pm!