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Frequently Asked Questions about Strength & Conditioning Program, Development Camps, Speed & Conditioning Sessions and Varsity Tryouts:

Varsity Panther Offered Programs:
• Strength and Conditioning Program (off season training): $600
• Development Camp = $20 each session (Free if you paid Strength and Conditioning program or your $200 tryout fee)
• Speed & Conditioning Sessions = $10 each session (
Free if you paid Strength and Conditioning program or your $200 tryout fee)
• Panthers Varsity Tryout Fee = $200 (Every player must pay the tryout fee)
• Panthers Varsity Team Fee = $600 (*If you make the team, you must pay the balance)

Frequently Asked Questions:
a) If you registered and paid your $200 tryout fees, then the development camp and speeds sessions are free to attend. Once you make the team, then you have to pay the balance of $600 for your season fees. It will cost you $800 to play OPFL summer football in total.

b) If you signed up, but DID NOT PAY the $200 tryout fee, then you have to pay $20 each time you come to a Development Camps at the Ottawa U Dome and $10 each time you come to a speed and conditioning sessions.

*Note: Every time you pay $20 fee for Development Camp at the Ottawa U dome and $10 for the speed and conditioning sessions at Franco Cite, that money gets taken off your fees.

Example: If “Player A” came to 4 development sessions and paid $20 each time, $80 comes off his tryout fees. If “Player A” comes to 5 speed and conditioning sessions, then $50 is taken off his tryout fees, which means, he has paid $130 dollars so far, therefore, “Player A” has $70 left to pay on his tryout fees.

A) Strength & Conditioning Sessions at HEO Performance Centre (813 Shefford Rd)
B) Development Dome Camps: Ottawa U Dome (200 Lees Avenue) free parking pass included must come in to the dome to pick up the pass.
C) Speed and Conditioning Sessions at Franco Cité H.S. 623 Smyth Road (free parking)
D) Varsity Tryouts: Dates and Location to be announced.

As we enter a new Varsity league this summer, the OPFL has installed a set of rules in Ottawa to ensure an even playing field and lessen the impact of the expansion Sooners on the existing Panthers.

There are territories for the 2017 season. If you played for the Cumberland Panthers in 2016 at Bantam, JV or Senior, you are protected by the Panthers.

The Ottawa Sooners and Cumberland Panthers have split the City into an Ottawa East and Ottawa West. This will be formed based on the existing territories existing in NCAFA. This means if you live in one of the following NCAFA territories, you must try out for the Panthers (Cumberland Panthers, Orleans Bengals, North Gloucester Giants, South Gloucester Raiders, South Ottawa Mustangs, East Ottawa Generals).

The following region must try out for the Ottawa Sooners (Bel Air Lions, Myers Riders, Nepean Eagles, Ottawa Norsemen, Bell Warriors, Kanata Knights, West Carleton Wolverines). Gatineau and all rural areas remain open.

The team will not register players from the other region with the exception of:
-Allowance of 10 crossover players from Varsity & Jr Varsity and 6 players from Bantam.
-Any player Cut from either team will be deemed available.
-Any player released from a Club will be deemed available and not count against allocation.

This agreement is only for inaugural season 2017. After that normal Regional policies take over.

Players that were on Cumberland 2016 Roster are protected for 2017 only. This clause supersedes all other clauses.

Any questions can be directed to your specific levels Head Coach or Varsity Governor, Dennis Vowles at

Effective for the 2017 season, NCAFA tackle football programs will offer programs region-wide with new age groupings.

The move introduces the option for seven year olds to formally join our programs in 2017 while putting more focus on our developmental age groups.
The Cumberland Panthers will be keeping our Mites program alive for the 6 & 7 year olds within our program. The Panthers tyke team will consist of 8 & 9 year olds.

League wide the Tyke level will now consist of 7-9 year olds (Panthers will be 8-9, 7 year olds will remain at Mites); Mosquito will be 10-11 year olds; Pee Wee will be 12-13 year olds; Bantam 14-15 year olds and Midget will consist of 16-18 year olds.

To clarify (if player born in year below, they will be a specific level)
Mite (2010-2011)
Tyke (2008-2009)
Mosquito (2006-2007)
Peewee (2004-2005)
Bantam (2002-2003)

On the announcement, Steve Dean (NCAFA President) stated, “Our goal is always to serve our community while growing the great sport of football. We know that this re-alignment of ages will position NCAFA to continue our proud and respected history for years to come. The change aligns with Football Canada direction and opens the doors to exciting opportunities…"

For more information please contact Mike Rouleau, VP Football Operations,

The Cumberland Panthers would like announce the 2017 Executive Committee elected at our AGM on Wednesday night.

Here is your management group for 2017:

Mark Ouellet – President
Mike Rouleau – V.P. Football Ops.
Sarah Baptiste – V.P. Admin
Steve Koscher – Treasurer
Dennis Vowles – Varsity Coordinator
Heather de Repentigny – Past President
Sarah Schmidt – Secretary
Mike De Melo – Head Trainer
Ron Raymond – Club Head Coach
Jacques Coulombe – Equipment Officer
Tracey Fitzpatrick – Director of Special Events
Steve Pranschke – Director of Non Contact Programs

We have many other position announcements coming in the new year as well as many unfilled positions that we will be looking to add volunteers to. If you have any interest in discussing open positions please email Mark Ouellet <>

This was another successful season for the Club. Overall registration is at an all-time high and we have plans to continue growing our programs well into the future.

Club’s Annual General Meeting on Dec 7th, 7:00pm at Ray Friel Centre (Programs Room, upstairs) and will be voted on by all members of the Club.

All parents of players registered in 2016 are eligible to vote at the AGM, along with any Club volunteers and players age 18+. Attendance at the AGM is greatly encouraged. Not only will you hear updates on our programs going into 2017, you’ll have opportunities to ask questions and provide feedback to the Board. Every attendee also has an entry into a draw for one free Club registration in 2017.

Our ability to deliver the best programs in the City rely on the continued dedicated support of our volunteers. As our program grows, so does our need for more help, both on the field and behind the scenes. Our Club is managed by a fully elected Board of Directors who each have specific responsibilities within the Club. . We have existing positions are expected to see the current incumbents hope to return to their positions, some current members interested in new positions, brand new positions, positions with expired terms and one position that has come available mid-term.

Positions available are:

  • Vice-President, Football Operations (VP-Ops)
  • Vice-President, Administration (VP-Admin)
  • Secretary
  • Head Trainer
  • Dir, Varsity Administration
  • Dir, Sponsorship & Fundraising
  • Dir, Game Day Operations
  • Dir, Non-Contact Programs
  • Club Head Coach

We look forward to seeing you their. If you have any questions or comments before the AGM please feel free to contact us:

Mark Ouellet

Mike Rouleau
VP, Operations