News and Announcements


It is with great pleasure that we announce today that we have been accepted into the newly formed Ontario Provincial Football League (OPFL). The Cumberland Panthers will be moving to the OPFL Elite Tier 1 division, starting in the spring of 2017 with all three of our varsity teams.

The OPFL’s three core principles; Player-Focus, Competitive Play and Sportsmanship, align directly with the Cumberland Panthers views on minor football in our community and our hope is that this new league will guide and allow our program to grow and flourish for years to come.

In the coming weeks and months as the league takes shape, so will all the rules, by-laws and exciting initiatives. We look forward to keeping everyone updated on these.

For more information and to stay on top of all league action please check out or OPFL on Facebook.

The Cumberland Panthers JV and Senior Football teams will be hosting 3 “Strength and Conditioning” registration/information nights on the following dates:

Registration/Information nights:

· Monday, November 21st – 7:00pm
· Monday, November 28th – 7:00pm
· Thursday, December 1st – 7:00pm

Theses 3 meetings will take place at the New Sensplex East location (2nd floor) at 813 Shefford Road.

Pre-Registration Link: Sign up here

Players who are serious about playing competitive football should attend the information meeting, so they can meet the coaches, trainers and academic adviser, and understand the process of playing provincial football.

Train as a TEAM, Win as a TEAM!

Varsity Coaches:

Coach Ron Raymond (Senior Varsity)
Coach Jeff Koradi (Junior Varsity)
Coach Sean Baptiste (Bantam Varsity)

p.s. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Raymond at 613-291-4147.

One of the things we try very hard to do as a Club is to recognize our volunteers. You’ve heard it before, they are the lifeblood of what we do.

Last weekend, as part of PantherFest, we took the time to acknowledge three very deserving volunteers.

Sylvie Madore – 2015 Volunteer of the Year

Sylvie has been a long-time manager with the Panthers, serving on both NCAFA and OVFL teams, alongside her son Pat. The many years of hard work on Sylvie’s part have not gone unnoticed. Sylvie has now finished her managing career as Pat has moved on to the next challenge, so we chose this time to thank her for all those years of service.

Steve Koscher – 2016 Builder of the Year

Steve has been a member of the Panthers for many years, taking on many different tasks, including stats man and even holding the yard sticks. Most importantly though, Steve has been the Treasurer of the Club for many years. This job is a near-thankless one since it seems he’s always saying “no” to people, but his management of the Club finances allows us to do as much as we do for everyone who participates.

Sarah Baptiste – 2016 Volunteer of the Year

Sarah has also worn many hats. With three boys (four if you count Sean) heavily involved in the Panthers, Sarah was a natural to take on a big role. Already serving as team manager for Tykes and Mosquitos, Sarah assisted with PantherFest in 2014 and 2015, and finally found a seat at the big table as the Club’s Registrar in 2016. Sarah is someone who is always looking for ways to pitch in and the Club is richer for her presence.